The Rebel Alliance needs you! Stand up to the evil Empire.

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Force Lightning

No, we don't have force lightning. But we do have that great feeling of being a Good Guy and really, isn't that what actually matters? Besides, the static build up from force lightning can make for very bad hair days.

Best Pilots

We have the best pilots in the galaxy. Whether it's Luke Skywalker or Po Dameron, you can be sure our fighters will best the TIE fighters (honestly, who shapes their ships like triangles and bow ties).

We Always Win

The Rebels are always the winners in the end. Why did the Death Star have a convenient flaw to be exploited not once, but twice? Well Rogue One tried to explain that, but really it's because we are good so we win.

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As long as you don't put us at risk, Cassian won't shoot you or anything.
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We're not going to put a map here because we're not stupid enough to give away our location.

Just kidding, it's on Yavin 4. Bring it, Empire.