Jaime Jones

Frontend focused full stack enthusiast.

New blog, who dis

02 December 2019

My personal site has been long overdue for an overhaul. When I decided to pursue software development as a career, one of the first things I did is lock down my domain name. My site helped me in breaking into the industry, serving as a portfolio showcasing my work.

And then it sat for about two years, steadily getting more and more outdated as I grew in my new role. Now it’s time to change that.

My goals in writing

I’ve always struggled when trying to come up with what is worth writing a blog post about. My entries on my employer’s blog are not as numerous as I’d like, and it’s in large part due to a struggle in deciding what it is worth writing about. I’m quick to assume that things I would write about are common knowledge, and therefore not worth sharing.

That’s just not true though. Even if something has been written about before, we all think and process things differently, and my perspective and experience could be valuable to someone. And that is my ultimate goal in writing: to help. I am aiming to write about lots of things and hopefully provide a perspective that can help others.

To wrap up

With that being said, please don’t hesitate to reach out either via contact form or Twitter if there’s anything you’d be interested in reading about! Other than that, I’ll be trying to write frequently. Frontend is my main focus, but I’m really passionate about all aspects of development, and will be exploring them all from here on out!